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We have a passion for creating value for farmers and the farming business by using new technology in smart ways. We offer education and consultancy services within digitalization, AI and autonomy.

Experts in AI and autonomy

AI and autonomy is revolutionizing agriculture at a fast pace. To be part of this journey and to stay competitive in the new landscape you need to leverage the benefits of new technology to improve your products and services!
We help companies in agriculture with business and algorithm development for solutions based on AI, autonomy and optimization. With both practical and theoretical experience in business and technology development we provide expert support as consultants in your AI and autonomy journey.
Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the challenges you face, and possibilities for collaboration to find the solutions!

Agtech letter for improved knowledge

During the spring of 2024 we are launching a new agtech knowledge letter to help farmers and others to increase your knowledge of how technology can be used to improve your operations and profitability.

We believe that the key to success in the digital transformation is smart decisions based on knowledge of technology, agronomy and your specific farm!

Take your first step and pre-register to our agtech knowledge letter today!


About us

We are an agtech company in Sweden with a passion for making technology and its benefits available to all farmers. We believe this is the path towards a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable farming business.

Our work is focused on improving the farmers’ knowledge and understanding of the technology that is transforming agriculture today, and helping companies in agriculture with business and technology development to make their products more valuable and easy-to-use for farmers.

During our initial startup years we built an award-winning precision farming platform called Freja for collecting, exploring, analyzing, and acting on data. We received several prestigious awards and nominations for our hard work to make crop farming more sustainable and efficient using data and AI.

Today we run AgriOpt as an agtech company where we focus on building long-term customer relations to create real customer values and satisfaction instead of achieving exponential growth. We believe this will be a better way to help farmers and the farming business to reap the benefits of modern technology.

We’re looking forward to hear from you!

Isak Nielsen, PhD
CEO and founder

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Our solution can not only be used as a simple support for farmers to make hard decisions for upcoming crop yields. It also learns from prior decisions, actions and analyzations to help farmers get the most out of todays’ technique. Does this sound interesting? We would love to have a talk about how to optimise agriculture.